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Goldcoast Campervans

Awarded 2023's Best Campervan Manufacturer in South East QLD - Gold Coast Campervans is dedicated to transforming your van into your dream camper. With a 5 Google rating and over 80 reviews, our mission is to exceed expectations in creating comfortable, practical, sustainable, and stylish campervans.

  • East West Layout

    Maximize space with our East-West Layout, offering comfortable sleeping arrangements and efficient storage solutions.

  • Pull-Out Storage

    Experience ultimate organization with our pull-out storage systems, designed for easy access and optimal space utilization.

  • Seat Fold Layout

    Transform your space with our versatile Seat Fold Layout, perfect for daily travel and night-time relaxation.

  • Singles-Shower Layout

    Combine comfort and convenience with our Singles-Shower Layout, featuring dedicated sleeping areas and an integrated shower.

  • Space Saver Layout

    Embrace compact living without sacrificing comfort with our Space Saver Layout, tailored for the minimalist traveler.

  • Super Singles Layout

    Indulge in extra space with our Super Singles Layout, offering larger beds and ample room to unwind.

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Discover Our Story

Learn about our journey from passionate campers to leading campervan creators. Understand our mission, values, and the community we've built around the love of exploration.

  • Our Mission

    Driven by a passion for adventure and community, our mission is to empower explorers with high-quality, sustainable campervans.

  • Our Journey

    From a small local workshop to a beloved brand, discover our journey through innovation, dedication, and customer stories.

  • Meet the Team

    Get to know the minds and hearts behind our designs. Our team's expertise and enthusiasm are at the core of our success.

  • Our Values

    Committed to sustainability, quality, and community, our values shape every campervan we build and every relationship we foster.

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