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24V Regulated power supply 45A

24V Regulated power supply 45A

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- Upgrade your air conditioning system with our 24V power supply for underbunk air con.
- Rated at an impressive 45A, it ensures efficient and reliable performance.
- Say goodbye to draining your battery - our power supply allows you to run your air conditioner directly from mains power.
- Experience uninterrupted cooling without worrying about battery life.
- Designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing setup, it provides a hassle-free solution.
- Enjoy the convenience of a 220VAC input for easy and efficient power supply.
- Keep your space cool and comfortable without any compromises.
- Invest in our high-quality power supply and enhance your air conditioning experience.
- Take control of your comfort with our reliable and efficient 24V power supply.
- Upgrade your air conditioning system today and enjoy the benefits of mains power operation.

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